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Photographic Storm

Welcome to my little piece of the Internets for ‘Capturing the Awesome’


I am a Photographer of things that have appeared in front of my cameras. That is where my tag line comes into it. So what does the term ‘Capturing the Awesome’ even mean? Simply, I Capture the Awesome things that are in front of me.


Photography has been for the last 10 years the main reason I am hardly home, over tired and always smiling.


I won’t call this a Business or Profession, but how can I call it that? Those words denote some form of work and this is not work to me, it’s all just a little too much fun.

I do charge for my fun. I am paid to have fun, to make people smile, laugh, cry, cheer, sit in contemplation of things remembered and spontaneously break into dance, (yes it did happen once, true story).


Since you’re here, enjoy some of the images and videos I have created during my non-work like amusement.

If you feel like having me come play images for you, your business/company/fun times you happen to get paid for please contact me.